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Students not wanting to read the book can choose an alternative without academic penalty. The superintendent had suspended the book from the curriculum. Removed from the St. Mary’s County, MD schools’ approved text list by the superintendent, overruling a faculty committee recommendation. Complainants referred to the novel as “filth,” “trash,” and “repulsive.” Challenged as a required reading assignment in an advanced English class of Pulaski County High School in Somerset, KY because the book contains “profanity and a segment about masturbation.” Its findings identified the novel on its list of “problem books”; the reason cited was that “Orwell was a communist.”

  • It is a good option to consider using because it won’t record or share your IP and other sensitive data while browsing.
  • Instead, download software from official websites or view TV shows and serials via legal platforms.
  • The main purpose of the Driver how to get rid of SMedia on google chrome Updater app is to update/install drivers.
  • Install our lightweight program that won’t slow down your PC, and works with, not against, your antivirus.
  • Get rid of all junk files from your PC and immediately increase your system’s speed performance.

As a result, books can be removed from schools or libraries, although these bans do not typically extend outside of that area. Zemana AntiMalware is a free full-featured malware removal tool. It can check your files and Windows registry in real time. Zemana can help remove Reqdpro.com ads, potentially unwanted programs, malware, and adware. This tool has a simple and beautiful interface and at the same time the best protection for your PC. Reqdpro.com pop-ups are a social engineering attack that is used to trick users into accepting push notifications from malicious push servers. Scammers use push notifications to bypass protection against pop ups in the web-browser and display unwanted advertisements.

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Click on it, and then click “Uninstall.” This will open a pop-up wizard. Follow the uninstallation process to safely remove WinZip Driver Updater. Clicking “Uninstall a Program” will bring up a list of all the installed apps on your PC. Sometimes a few processes can interfere with the removal process. The Avast Driver Updater application will only remove if all processes linked to it are closed. When the processes related to this application run in the background, they will resist any uninstallation requests. So as long as any Avast Driver Updater processes are running, you won’t be able to uninstall the application.

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Broadly speaking, though, PC cleaners do little that the tools which come pre-installed with your operating system aren’t capable of. As such, they’re somewhat controversial, which isn’t helped by the fact that some PC cleaners are actually adware or malware. As their name suggests, PC cleaners specialize in tidying up your system by locating and deleting redundant and/or unnecessary files that take up space. With them, you’ll be able to digitally de-clutter with just a few clicks, getting rid of all the junk that is slowing your computer down. Unused programs also sit around unloved and unnoticed but taking up space. To uninstall an app from a Windows PC, click the Start button and look for the app or program.

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Overall, TotalAV is a decent antivirus that will keep you safe from most viruses. Although it lacks in some areas, such as its basic firewall and resource-intensiveness, it compensates for that with a data breach test, password manager, and a VPN. Another thing you should keep in mind is never to have an external hard drive or USB plugged into your computer while running the scan. Some viruses can easily transfer to the portable drive and come back when the scan is done, easily going under the antivirus’s malware-detection radar. Alternatively, you can open the programs list using the command prompt. Wizcase contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will be based on an independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer.

One or two of its features, such as the ability to uninstall multiple programs simultaneously, could be simplified as well. Of course, this is just a small overview of what PC cleaners offer, and it’s far from exhaustive. Some tools specialize in one or more of these features, while others include ones we haven’t even mentioned yet. PC cleaners not only help to straighten up your system, but they’ll also optimize it, and make it faster. But which programs actually deliver what they promise?

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